Smoke and Mirrors - figure


Smoke & Mirrors

In 2009, Jan Serr visited India and from the thousands of photographs taken during that trip, 108 were included in her book, Smoke & Mirrors, published in 2016.




Then & Now

A trip to China in 2005 was an adventure that became a very productive photographic experience as well. When I began looking closely at the photographs, I realized that I had images that merited being seen simply as photographs. As a painter and a printmaker I have used my photographs as a preliminary sketchbook, but it made more sense to present the China images as photographs. (Jan Serr)



Ground Work

This new series builds on Serr’s explorations of landscape painting, encountering new territories in technical practice and perspective.


bw dancers 3

Dance Moves

Working with mixed media, the movement of dance is explored through an array of tools including scrapers and palette knives.



black birds detail


Using ink and oil paint, the motion and rest of birds is documented in abstract and highly finished forms.